Picture: South Eastern Utah - Sandstone formations near Sand Dune Arch, with a moon and juniper at dusk

These cards were sent by Marinia who is based in Bicknell, she responded very quickly to my request for post cards and I must admit I found the cards from Utah of particularly good quality. I would like to thank Marinia for helping me.

Picture: Capitol Reef National Park, Utah: Established as a National Park in 1971, Capitol Reef National Park covers 241,904 acres. Shown here is the Waterpocket Fold, with more than a dozen different rock formations squeezed together. It received its name for the numerous pools of water caught in the tilted strata. Since its formation about 70 million years ago, erosion has been etching canyons, arches and spires. The Waterpocket Fold stretches 100 miles between Thousand Lake Mountain in the north and Lake Powell in the south.

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