John (aka Kreases)

Born in Cheshire, England on April 27th 1955 which makes me a Taurian.

I live in Manchester, England and I am married with one daughter, my hobbies include photography, model railways, badminton, video games and of course the internet. I have DJ'd on the internet for over 20 years at a number of different radio stations;

DJ Kreases

Choice Radio (Yak Chat)

For All Seasons Radio (Halsoft)

Front Porch Radio (Yak Chat)

and more recently Friends For Friends Radio (Halsoft) which you can listen to from the home page of this site.

I have worked in IT (Information Technology) for over 30 years prior to that I was a Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy which gave me the chance to see a lot of the world and get paid for the privilege.

Although qualified as a Radio Amateur too I have never bought any radio equipment so chatting on the internet makes up for it. I love making contact with people on the other side of the world, hence the reason I did the two projects mentioned on my home page.


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